My First DSLR - Canon EOS 1000D

Yesterday I bought my first DSLR Camera after reading lot of reviews and comments about an Entry level DSLR. It was one of my dream to buy a Camera with manual focusing lens and with creative shooting modes. In my old days, I enjoyed photography using either by old film based camera or by camera phone. Last month I decided to buy one DSLR. So I used to search the net whenever I got time and atlast I fixed the model. It's Canon EOS 1000D. After reading all that reviews I came to a conclusion that this is an entry level DSLR which suits my requirement and also a much reasonable price with a EF-S 18-55 lens kit even if some other good competitive models are there. So here is my blog from the beginning of my DSLR camera experience so that I can improve my photographic skills by reading comments from other photographers.
I love photography.


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